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Mr. Abel Okpara Ololube(CE)

The business grew overtime and Poultry with over 1000 chickens or birds were added with 9 emoloyees to man this sector of the company at divided hours of 6 daily and three persons each time shifts.

However, it is worthy to remember that there was a time Small Holders and Agricultural Palm tree planters came and I was involved with a loan given to plant over 200 trees of palm with high fruit yielding species and this employed 4 persons.

Now ADP or Agricultural Development Company, the same have published my name for Rice planting which has failed, because of insincere persons or delay to claim it, but report states that Ahoada warehouse was never supplied, and now the workers use goats as livestock to occupy it.

Therefore, I humbly appeal to the government of Northern Nigeria to grant my request under special condition. Having in the present working, I considered for the past I have done useful works for the government and to leave the service at this time, I do not very much like it but the conditions gave rooms for this and I am of the opinion that my Head of Department will have sympathetic feelings over this situation not caused by myself but by nature whom I must obey.


In January 1, 1963, Mr. Abel Okpara Ololube conceived of this idea of Bogambo Supplies and Contracting Company with reasons based in the Economic situation he was faced as at then.

Bogambo Consults is a Branch of BOGAMBO Entrepreneurship: the update is done by Okpara Abel Ololube; modified to BOGAMBO SUPPLIES and Contracting Company.

The dream of Abel Okpara Ololube is the basic foundation to the establishment of this family company. This is a dream recorded into the "Family Record Book", and as a dream to meet up with the day to day economic hardships stroking the governments of the then Northern, Eastern and Western Nigeria.

The deteriorating conditions of human manners and inhumanity then arising within the regional factions had impeded agreement within the militaries. The only general language was English, then divided by education and native languages of the most populous of ethnicity which has powers vested on guns and rifles and those lore in uniforms.

However, Management of Nigeria was equally deteriorating since investment was based on economic values. Each region has to develop its sides. Eastern region has Palm trees with Palm fruits and Coats, and Western region has Cocoa and Kola nut; but the Northern region had only Groundnut pyramids. Whatever may have been their hidden mineral like gold, brass, silver and bronze may not be out or are yet to be discovered, alongside crude oil.

After my birth (Decision Ololube, and the same is Okpara Abel Okpara Ololube nee Iheanchor" Coronae,) and January 1st, 1963 my father Abel Okpara Ololube stated, "I have the honor to apply for a voluntary retirement. My age is about 40 years. I am an ex-serviceman. I have served the government for about 18 years and at present have 14 children. I cannot afford to serve in any township living along with this large family and living alone in the township with my children abroad (or scattered) will not give me a sound mind to work. While living I shall like to keep myseff and my family happy. The children will not be happy if they are left alone at home town without father, neither will I be happy if I live alone.

Furthermore, there exist no promotions at present that I currently anticipate that will afford to feed a family of this kind without embarrassment. If I say I should continue to work; I am making mockery of myself; for there is no salary on which my present future promotions will carry the responsibilities that are confronting me. If I resign, I have done injustice to myself for the years served in the government without reward.

Due to those consideration and thouthts, it gave rise to creating BOGAMBO Entrepreneurship-consults, and Company, beginning with Vehicle Transportation System, which employed 14 persons which includes 6 drivers and 8 conductors.

Right now the company can boost of Plantains, Banana and pineapples of about a thousand suckers each and yielding good enough. With hope to add fish and animal like goat and sheep. Like my father would state, "my father is dead and I am the first son of the father. For many time I applied to be near home because of these children. At present I am responsible for about 26 children. These 26 children are from my father's five wives, and if I add their children whose grand children they are, it should swell up higher. "My bearing many children is not through my powers but God's will, and should not be abused. At this age of mine, close sixty (60) years, it is very difficult to go abroad with these children; I should therefore settle them with a family company, where most could be employed gainfully."

I therefore would add pharmaceutical stores and departmental stores. To keep them all at home is to suffer their mothers and their children. My retirement will be happier if this as an idea flourish well.

Odieke Akoh,P.O Box 135, Ahoada,
Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria