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Livestock Farming

In Nigeria, livestock Farming such as Goat, Sheep etc is a very lucrative agribusiness and one of the attractive features of this type of farming is the diverse options. Meat from livestock has everyday increasingly demand in consumption. The skin of these animals are used for making bags, shoes, belts and other leather based items. These animals are very easy to feed, with minimal supervision once they are in their pen. They reproduce a lot which means a continuity for the business for a very long time. Goat offal can be used for drug production and the faeces of these animals are manure for other business run by the company. Livestock Farming is a project in view of this great company due to the high demand of the people. However, all measures are been put in place to ensure that in less than no time, this aspect of the company will be up and running

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Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria