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Pineapple farming in Nigeria is another sure money maker. Thousands of fruit juices are made with pineapple and the makers of fruit juice are always on the look out for pineapple farm where they could buy their raw material. This sweet fruit also known as “Ananas Cosmosus” is as sweet as the profit it can generate. Pineapple has a worldwide appeal and is known for its nutritional and health values all over the world. Nigerian is blessed with soil and weather that are extremely good for pineapple farming. Bogambo company had this vision and resorted to planting this cash crop and has since harvested and sold over 10,000 pineapple fruit. Pineapple farming is not a quick way of money making but a sure way of making sustainable income over time thag is why Bogambo being a versatile company engages in some other types of business alongside Pineapple Plantation.

Odieke Akoh,P.O Box 135, Ahoada,
Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria