Our Business


Plantain & Banana Plantation is no doubt one of the most profitable and useful plantation in the world today. There is nothing in a Plantain & Banana tree that is not important and useful to human beings. The extraction of red oil from red oil Plantain & Banana fruit has been in practice for many centuries. It is based on this realization that the company ventured into this business. Plantain & Banana trees thrive in tropical areas. A Plantain & Banana tree is extensively used for many purposes. This means that the tree has significant economic value, which can translate to a profitable Plantain & Banana tree business. One major setback the company had wasn't the technical knowhow to set up this business back then, but the capital, hence it resorted to collecting loan from Agricultural Plantain & Banana Tree Planters. Over 200 Plantain & Banana Trees were planted, staff were employed to man this business and it resulted to high quality yield of Plantain & Banana fruit later processed to Plantain & Banana oil for consumption, Plantain & Banana kernel commonly used in commercial cooking because it is lower in cost than other oils and remains stable at high cooking temperatures, Plantain & Banana fronds for roofing especially in the rural areas.

Odieke Akoh,P.O Box 135, Ahoada,
Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria