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Poultry farming in Nigeria is already an established and profitable business idea. The economy of Nigeria is mostly dependent on farming or agriculture sector hence Poultry farming in Nigeria can play a important role in the total national income of the country and fulfill the annual nutrition demands. Poultry is a generic term for domesticated birds, this include chickens, turkey, ducks, and geese. These animals are raised for their meat and eggs. Bogambo Supply and Contracting specialized in the chicken aspect of the Poultry and has in its chicken coop over a thousand chickens. The chickens and their eggs were sold to various buyers in different communities thus generating for revenue for the company. Incorporating Poultry to the Company's business wasn't really difficult as one need not be a genius to market these products since there is already a suitable market for poultry products from the ancient time and Nigeria is not an exception.

Odieke Akoh,P.O Box 135, Ahoada,
Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria