Our Business


Due to the need of people conveying from one location to another, the company saw the need to provide a means to bridge this difficulty by purchasing buses and employing labor to man these buses. The bus business started with a total of 14 employees; 6 drivers and 8 conductors who worked tirelessly to convey passengers and goods to their respective destination. Over time, money was realized from this transportation business and that made the founder of the company very much satisfied as his aim of setting up this family business as a means to carter for the needs of his family were turning into reality. The transportation business began to grow and more buses were purchased thus widening the locale of operations and more drivers and conductors were employed. The business created some employment opportunities and yielded some more income for the family.

Odieke Akoh,P.O Box 135, Ahoada,
Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria